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BriziCam at the 2018 Madrid Open

The Mutua Madrid Open partnered with leading telecom, Orange SA, and Emirates Airlines to bring fans a cutting-edge in-bowl experience with Brizi.
Fans were given the power to capture and share their excitement with the world, with more than 7,000 unique groups taking over 14,000 photos 
on BriziCam.

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BriziCam & Philadelphia 76ers

The 76ers are one of the oldest franchises in the NBA, currently playing their most successful season since 2011. With the anticipation of a great season, Brizi was brought in to help fans share game-day excitement, to drive new sponsorship revenue, and to answer data questions around fans in-venue.

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BriziCam at the 2018 Australian Open

The Australian Open is an annual global entertainment destination that showcases the world’s top tennis athletes. For the second year in a row, the AO team integrated Brizi to delight fans, activate sponsors, and share insights.

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BriziCam at the 2017 US Open

The US Open is one of the most technologically advanced tournaments in the world, placing a major priority on providing fans with a premium tournament experience. Brizi is proud to work with US Open again in 2017 after a successful 2016 partnership to fulfil this vision.

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BriziCam at the 2016 NBA Playoffs

The Portland Trail Blazers are known for having one of the top fanbases in the NBA. During the NBA Western Conference Series 1 Playoffs, they set their sights high to give their fans the best experience possible with Brizi.

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7 In-Stadium Activations Your Fans Will Love

Fans expect to be fully engaged with the game-day experience from the moment they arrive in the parking lot, until the game is over. Currently, teams are doing an excellent job of creating buzz outside of the venue through tailgate parties and experiential activations. All of this buzz before fans get into the stadium is great, but how…

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Sponsorship is Going Digital and Teams Need to Adapt

“Change before you have to.”, as legendary CEO Jack Welsh has advised. The digital age is upon us, and sport sponsorship is rapidly evolving with it. Traditional sports sponsorship today amounts to $60 Billion globally, but less than 10% of that accounts for digital currently. To dive deeper into how this trend is happening, first it’s important to…

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3 Reasons Why Mystery Fans Are Causing Problems

Do you know the name of every fan that passes through your venue? Across the nation, teams are getting hit hard with the Mystery Fan Epidemic. There is an overwhelming amount of teams that know who buys the tickets, but DON’T actually know who’s attending their games. “On average, a ticket buyer buys 3 tickets” Randy…

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