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Northeastern’s Howlin Huskies are leading the way for NCAA innovation with BriziCam

BOSTON, OCTOBER 23, 2018 – Northeastern’s Howlin Huskies are leading the way for NCAA innovation with BriziCam, a remote, venue camera technology fans can control. Coming to the world’s oldest indoor ice hockey arena, Matthews Arena, the Northeastern Huskies are breaking new ground in fan experience innovation through its collaboration with BriziCam, a first for…

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Brizi Raises $2.5M to Reinvent Group Memories.

TORONTO, BOSTON, September 17, 2018 – Brizi Inc., a Toronto headquartered tech company that lets anyone tap into nearby cameras to capture group memories at iconic places, has closed a round of seed funding for $2.5M. The round was led by 2EP, known as one of the early investors in Harmonix (GuitarHero, RockBand). The financing…

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7 In-Stadium Activations Your Fans Will Love (2020)

In 2020, putting a game on a court, field or rink isn’t enough anymore. Fans deserve a better, more engaging experience — one that is mobile and digital to suit their current habits. However, elevating the fan experience through a buzzworthy in-stadium sponsorship activation isn’t something you just snap your fingers and accomplish. It requires…

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Sponsorship is Going Digital and Teams Need to Adapt

“Change before you have to.”, as legendary CEO Jack Welsh has advised. The digital age is upon us, and sport sponsorship is rapidly evolving with it. Traditional sports sponsorship today amounts to $60 Billion globally, but less than 10% of that accounts for digital currently. To dive deeper into how this trend is happening, first it’s important to…

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3 Reasons Why Mystery Fans Are Causing Problems

Do you know the name of every fan that passes through your venue? Across the nation, teams are getting hit hard with the Mystery Fan Epidemic. There is an overwhelming amount of teams that know who buys the tickets, but DON’T actually know who’s attending their games. “On average, a ticket buyer buys 3 tickets” Randy…

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Top 5 Takeaways: Hashtag Sports 2017

  5. Sports teams are winning at social media. The age of stiff, impersonal social media campaigns has passed in the sports industry. Teams have truly come to understand the ins and outs of social media and how to effectively leverage it – employing strategies that are both diverse and interactive. For example, the Coyotes…

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