Innovating Sports Sponsorship with BriziCam

Innovative Sponsorship – likely something many of us within the sponsorship and marketing industries have heard countless times over as a broader organizational objective. But what does innovative sponsorship mean exactly?

By definition, it is pretty straightforward: find a NEW method, idea or product that can be used as a sponsored asset. Sounds easy, right? But how do we know what methods are the right ones and which will actually work for the brands but more importantly for the fans?!

In a world flooded with many new digital tech assets, it becomes that much more difficult for teams and sponsorship groups to figure out what makes sense and what does not. It inevitably creates a lot of pressure and work for the Sponsorship team’s which takes away from their selling capabilities.  capabilities.

I completely understand that and that’s why I am here to help! If you are like me, I tend to purchase, use, or try something that has proven to be successful. I don’t necessarily want to take the risk of trying something that is going to cost me money and have an outcome that I may or may not desire. If you or your organization is also like me, this post will prove to be helpful for you! We’re going to take a look at some amazing examples of how Brizi has been able to bring brand sponsorships to the next level with our innovative camera technology. 

Below I have compiled a list of 5 organizations spanning across 5 different countries to show you how Brizi has proven itself to be a tried, tested and true sponsorship asset!

1. Brizi x US Open

The US Open was in search of a dual-threat: an innovative digital asset they could offer to all of their sponsors, plus a fan engagement solution geared at keeping the audience’s attention focused on the tournament during periods of downtime or lulls. Since 2016, the success of the Brizi platform at the US Open has transformed Brizi into a staple of the fan experience at Arthur Ashe Stadium. To date, fans have snapped 56,956 photos that have each been branded with unique sponsored branding.

“Brizi is a marriage between social sharing and event technology… it brings together the excitement that people get when their face is on that big screen with the ability to share that with their entire universe.”

Kisten Correiro, VP Digital and Ticket Sales– USTA

2. Brizi x Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators were on a mission to provide one of their largest sponsors with a new and exciting asset for the upcoming 2019/2020 season. They needed something that would be innovative but that would also prove to be engaging and well-received with the fans! We are proud to say the Ottawa Senators successfully introduced Brizi to their sponsor repertoire and launched Bell Fan Cam with Bell Communications for the 2019/2020 season.  It offered Ottawa Senators a new way to boost fan engagement (and fun!) for their major telecommunications sponsor. The Sens and Bell promoted Bell Fan Cam at every home game of the season, leading to incredible user engagement and fan-generated content throughout the year. Usage remained strong throughout the season with the back half being significantly stronger than the front… showing longevity with the product!

“Fan engagement has long been at the forefront of our priority list. This unique activation provides our fans with the same thrill of being captured on the big screen, all from the convenience of their own phone.”

Mark Bonneau, Chief Revenue Officer – Ottawa Senators

3. Brizi x RSC Anderlecht

Seeking to add innovation to their sponsorship kit with R.S.C. Anderlecht, the premier professional football club in Belgium, BNP Paribas needed a new platform to help fuel recognition of the brand as a digital leader for sports sponsorship in the EU. Cue Brizi with the introduction of the ‘Purple Cam’ – a season-long independent sponsored asset leading to great success. The outcome? An award-winning experience that generated increased value to the sponsor and thousands of fans. R.S.C. was subsequently recognized with the following honours:

  • BOA 2019: Silver in Innovation
  • SponsorLive: Bronze in Sponsorship
  • Belgian Sponsorship Awards: Silver for Best Activation

The partnership further amplified BNP’s larger campaign by helping drive paid media programs, such as a sizzling seven-minute movie reel produced to showcase the activation itself.

4. Brizi x Mutua Madrid Open

Mutua Madrid Open (part of the ATP 500 series) originally brought Brizi on as a new innovative digital offering to feature at their tournament. As a tournament who prides itself on featuring innovative technology and fan engagement tools, they saw Brizi as a perfect addition! After great success from year 1, the team knew they could do more with the Mutua Madrid Open Fan Cam and decided to add Brizi to their sponsor offering. For year 2 and onwards, Orange Communications (major telecommunications company in Europe) along with Emirates Airlines jumped on-board (pun intended) to sponsor Brizi and launch the Mutua Madrid Open Fan Cam powered by Orange and Emirates. Over the past 3 years, we have seen great success with Mutua Madrid Open and Brizi with not only fan engagement but as a key sponsor asset for the tournament.

“What generates a great user experience is for fans to feel like they are part of the tournament. Brizi allows them to capture the lifelong memory of being in the Caja Magica watching the Madrid Open.”

Javier Garcia, Head of Marketing– Mutua Madrid Open

5. Brizi x ABN Amro World Tennis Tournament

The ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament that takes place in Rotterdam, Netherlands has always been known as one of the most production-forward tournaments within the ATP series. With their incredible lighting effects and in-game entertainment, the organizing committee were looking for ways to continue to evolve and innovate their current offering. Brizi proved to be a great new asset to deliver strong fan engagement for their fans while also providing their sponsors a new, innovative asset to sponsor for the tournament.

To Sum It Up:

It’s an overwhelming task to find an innovative sponsor solution for your organization that is not only tech-forward but also exciting for the sponsor and engaging for the fans. That’s why we are here to help. 

Time and time again, Brizi has been able to be that innovative solution for teams and respective brands. We have been able to drive digital fan engagement across 10 countries with over 50 different sponsored brands. 

So with all of that in mind, why don’t you see what Brizi is all about HERE!

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