Re-Inventing Group Memories

Engage your customers with nearby cameras in iconic places.


Working with leading properties and brands across 8 countries

Group moments are hard to capture.

Leave someone out

Squeeze everyone in

Trust a stranger


There's a better way.

There's a
better way.

Put Guests in Control.

Guests control remote cameras with their phone web browser to share stunning branded group photos and looping videos.

No app required.

Build affinity
with customers
and their networks.
Build affinity with customers and their networks.

Customer Advocacy

Higher Spending

Amplified Brand Messaging

Amplified Brand Messaging

"micro influencer marketing at scale."
Unique Groups
Group Photos
Social Actions
(BriziCam - US Open 2018)
"micro-influencer marketing at scale."

Select Case Studies

"We’ve talked to many many companies, Brizi is one of the only companies out there that truly understands what sports teams want.."
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Dewayne Hankins
Chief Marketing Officer
Portland Trail Blazers (NBA)
"Brizi is a marriage between social sharing and event technology… bring together the excitement that people get when their face is on that big screen, with the ability to share that with their entire universe."
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Kirsten Corio
Managing Director of Ticket Sales & Digital Strategy, USTA (US OPEN)
"What generates a great user experience is for fans to feel like they are part of the tournament. Brizi allows them to capture the lifelong memory of being in the Caja Magica watching the Madrid Open."
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Javier Garcia
Head of Marketing
Muta Madrid Open
"[Sponsors] want that touch; Brizi gives them that deeper integration to move beyond the marks and the logos."
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Scott Carlis
Senior Vice President
Digital Media - Learfield Sports
Brizi and Canon are in a unique partnership. You'll see Brizi in more places, with the reliability you already expect.
Brizi and Canon have a unique strategic alliance. You'll see Brizi in more places, with the reliability you already expect.
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