Round 1 Sales Interview

Round 1 Sales Interview

The purpose of this interview is to better understand your working history. Your interviewer(s) will ask you to describe in detail the work you did in your previous companies. For each question, we’d like to learn:

  1. What were you hired to do exactly?
  2. What accomplishments are you most proud of?
  3. What were some of the low points during that job?
  4. Who were the people you worked with specifically?
  5. Why did you leave that job?

Your interviewer(s) will then proceed to ask you about specific skill sets and your experience with them, as pertaining to likely situations where you’ll need to leverage them within this particular role. In a nutshell, we’re looking for candidates that know how to ask smart questions, implement learnings, great negotiators, and know how to be thoughtful when it comes to deal-closing and sales planning. Try to come to the interview with both notable successes & failures when it comes to deals you’ve worked on to base our discussion around. Based on your experience, we will also ask about your approach and philosophy to sales planning.