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3 Reasons Why Mystery Fans Are Causing Problems

Do you know the name of every fan that passes through your venue? Across the nation, teams are getting hit hard with the Mystery Fan Epidemic. There is an overwhelming amount of teams that know who buys the tickets, but DON’T actually know who’s attending their games. “On average, a ticket buyer buys 3 tickets” Randy…

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Top 5 Takeaways: Hashtag Sports 2017

  5. Sports teams are winning at social media. The age of stiff, impersonal social media campaigns has passed in the sports industry. Teams have truly come to understand the ins and outs of social media and how to effectively leverage it – employing strategies that are both diverse and interactive. For example, the Coyotes…

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5 Tips to make the MOST out of your sponsorship activation

  5. Understand the fan’s emotional journey We all know Starbucks – the coffeehouse chain that has won the hearts of millions across the world. One key factor behind the brand’s success has been its ability to engage people throughout the 3 crucial steps in the customer experience journey: Anticipation, Joy, and Nostalgia. This same…

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The #1 Source of Unrealized Revenue by Sports Teams Today

Great content has never been more valuable. Snapchat charges upwards of $10,000 for brands to run a geofilter over the TD Garden on game nights. At best, the Celtics can arrange a revenue share, or buy the rights themselves and re-sell it at a premium to sponsors. However, since Snapchat is the platform who ultimately…

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NBA: League of the Fan

Not only did the Portland Trail Blazers blow season predictions out of the water, the fanbase behind the Blazers had never seen the engagement level that filled the arena this season.

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